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Hello everyone, The minecraft server has been around for quite some time, so it is time for our very first EVENT! This event will be a 1V1-Spleef tournament. You can enroll yourself (BEFORE 9 January 19h00 GMT+1) by commenting your minecraft username beneath this forum post. The event will start on 9 January at 20h00 (GMT+1). How long it takes depends on you! If more people join, the event will take longer.   Rules: - We will play in a certain bracket system determined completely random by a computer! - A 'game' between two players consists of a best of 3 (first to 2 points wins) - The Quarter finals*, semi finals and finale will be games best of 5 (*Depending on how many players register) - Leaving during a match will result in a loss (of this point), you will have 5 minutes to rejoin the game before being disqualified - The host (Unpreducktable) will announce which players will compete against each other and announce the winner of each match, please respect the decisions of the host   Before the event starts you can view the bracket to see who you are up against, in this forum post.   Results: First place: DarioRJC045 Second Place: wittebol123 Third place: fluxpuck   Group 1: MasterMonkeyHD 3w 6ptn wittebol123 2w 4ptn Wout_textiel 1w 3ptn PhoenixGh0st 0w 0ptn Group 2: DarioRJC045 6ptn 3w Joorrdy 2w 4ptn robbedob 1w 3ptn Woutyboy3 0w 1ptn Group 3: Fluxpuck 3w 6ptn Unpreducktable 2w 4ptn destroyerjaan 1w 3ptn Zombiepirate03 0w 1ptn   Matches in Groupphase: MasterMonkeyHD VS. Wout_textiel (2-0) // PhoenixGh0st VS. wittebol123 (0-2) Robbedob VS. Woutyboy3 (2-0) // Joorrdy VS. DarioRJC045 (0-2) Destroyerjaan VS. Unpreducktable (1-2) // Zombiepirate03 VS. Fluxpuck (0-2)   MasterMonkeyHD VS. PhoenixGh0st (2-0) // Wout_textiel VS. wittebol123 (1-2) Robbedob VS. Joorrdy (1-2) // Woutyboy3 VS. DarioRJC045 (0-2) Destroyerjaan VS. Zombiepirate03 (2-0) // Unpreducktable VS. Fluxpuck (0-2)   MasterMonkeyHD VS. wittebol123 (2-0) // Wout_textiel VS. PhoenixGh0st (2-0) Robbedob VS. DarioRJC045 (0-2) // Woutyboy3 VS. Joorrdy (1-2) Destroyerjaan VS.  Fluxpuck (0-2) // Unpreducktable VS. Zombiepirate03 (2-1)   From every group, we compared the player who ended up second, Unpreducktable and Joorrdy both 'died' four times, while wittebol123 died only three times. Wittebol123 proceeds to the semi-finals. SEMI-FINAL: MastermonkeyHD - DarioRJC045 (0-3) Fluxpuck - wittebol123 (1-3) FINAL: DarioRJC045 - wittebol123 (3-1) THIRD PLACE: MastermonkeyHD - Fluxpuck (0-3)   Prize: The amount of players that register will determine how many players receive a price of the form (nothing is definitive!): - Money: Between (1k - 6k) - Elytra - Diamonds - Secret / Collectibles   Good luck to everyone!!
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