Shopping District rules and tutorial.
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There are a few rules for the shopping district.
These are to be followed. Any violation of these rules can result in a ban and/or the loss of your shop and all items in it.

1. No Offensive building in the shopping district.
2. If a shopowner/ renter does not log in for 2 months, we will assume this player is not playing on SimCraft anymore.
This results in an automatic sell of the plot.


The shopping district is user friendly, in this tutorial, we explain how to Buy, Rent, Sell, or Resell a plot.

  • Buy/rent
    To buy or rent a shop all you need to do is find the rent- or buy-sign of the shop you want to get.
    Once there, you right-click the sign and the shop is yours!
    You could also stand on the plot of the shop and type /as buy or /as rent depending on the type of shop you
    want to get

    Green   -> Type shop (Rent or Buy)     
    Blue      -> Type of property (Only shop)
    Red       -> Duration of the rent (buy-sign has no duration so this line is the Price)
    Yellow   -> Price
  • Sell
    To sell a shop (back to the server) you shift + right-click on the buy- or rent-sign.
    After that, it asks for confirmation in the chat. You click on the text in the chat to confirm.
    When sold the plot is able to be rented/ bought again by others.
  • Resell
    To resell a shop (Sell it to other players) you can type the next command: /as resell [shopname] .
    When done the buy-sign will display that it is open for reselling. you can stop the resell whit the next command:

    /as stopresell [region] .


When you rent/buy a shop, and the renting period is over, ALL items and blocks on the shop plot will be removed from the game.
So when the rent is about to expire, you need to remove everything from your shop, or it will be gone forever.
No compensation will be given if this happens!

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