Server Update 2021 Update!
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Hello SimCrafters! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and spend some time with your family and friends in these weird circumstances and of course ate some good food =). I'm back again bringing you some of the latest news regarding SimCraft. Please read below :D

We are celebrating 2021 in style. We are hosting another x2 vote rewards. The voting event will start 1st January 2021 01:00 AM GMT+1 and will end at 8 Jan 20:00 GMT+1

We got lots of big plans for you guys planned for 2021 one of them is releasing the long awaited shopping district, more information will be posted later! We are currently working on an event which will take place in the End. Yes you heard that, the end is going open soon! Gear up, the dragon is waiting to get slain.

Nether Update :

The nether is getting scarce every day. Ores are slowly disappearing, netherite is getting farmed and most of the closeby blaze spawners are destroyed or taken away. So as we planned before opening up the nether in the first place we decided it is time for its first complete and full reset. The reset will take place on the 1st of January. Make sure to remove any placed or rare items you might’ve left in the nether because once it's gone no refunds will be made or compensations.   

Introducing voter of the month : 

We’re gonna work with a complete new voting system as of 2021. This lets us do much more community related stuff when it comes to voting. So as of 2021 we will keep track of whoever voted the most that month. Obviously the person who voted the most will receive a package with some nice goodies, an unique chat rank and some in-game cash! Stay tuned for a more detailed announcement later.

Introducing our new website :

We recently started working on our website and improving it step by step. We can finally say it's working as it should and we are ready to use it permanently. I hear y’all thinking why do you need a website? This will be mainly used for important announcements, our upcoming shop and obviously voting. We are planning to use the forum as our main source of staff support for in-game and bug fixes. 

Before everyone is way too drunk to even read this update the staff team wishes all of you a happy new year and let's make SimCraft great again! This year wasn’t the best year for everyone but we're gonna kick coronas ass in 2021! 

Thank you,



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