Information Ranks and their privileges
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Below here you can find a complete up-to-date list of the current timed ranks and their extra privileges you get upon ranking up to the next tier. If there is any problems regarding to permission or ranks feel free to contact any staff member throught discord or the forum. 


  • Default Rank
    /ar check (Check ur own playtime)
    /ar check name (Check someone else their playtime)
    /cr claim (Claim vote rewards when ur inventory is full)
    /cr preview (Allows you to preview any vote chest)
    /pay (Allows you to transfer money to a player)
    /sethome (Allows you to set 1 home)
    /tpa (Allows you to teleport to someone else)
    /tpahere (Allows you to teleport someone to your location)
    /tpaccept (Accepts the teleport request)
    /tpacancel (Cancels the teleport request)
    /warps (Allows you to view the list of our current warps)

  • Simmie - 1 Hour
    /afk (Puts you into AFK mode and lets everyone see you are currently away)
    /balance (Allows you to view your own currency balance)
    /balancetop (Allows you to see a list of who has the most money)
    /delhome (Allows you to remove one of your set homes)
    /exp (Shows you how much XP you have and how much you need for the next level)
    /msg (Allows you to whisper someone)
    /sethome (Allows you to set 1 home)

  • Newbie - 24 Hours
    /sethome (Allows you to set 2 home)
    /clearinventory (Allow you to fast clear ur inventory NOTE: UR INVENTORY GETS WHIPED)
    /hat (Allows you to put anything as your hat)
    /list (Allows you to see whos online at the moment)

  • Beginner - 48 Hours
    /sethome (Allows you to set 4 home)
    More will be added soon!

  • Average - 7 Days
    /sethome (Allows you to set 10 home)
    More will be added soon!

  • Advanced - 31 Days
    /sethome (Allows you to set 15 home)
    KeepXP (Allows you to keep your XP when you die)
    More will be added soon!

  • Expert - 2 Months
    /sethome (Allows you to set 25 home)
    /enderchest (Allows you to remote open an enderchest)
    More will be added soon!

  • Addict - 3 Months
    /sethome (Allows you to set unlimited homes)
    More will be added soon!
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